A Great Dane from Bedford, Texas named Zeus has set a Guinness World Record, and
it'll take a tall order to beat this one.

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I love finding and highlighting cool and interesting stories that happen to people here in Texas. Whether it's an amazing tale of triumph or a totally random act of kindness that put a smile on someone's face, if it's something I find interesting that happened here in the Lone Star State, I like to share that story whenever possible. Let's meet Zeus.

Great Dane

Zeus is a Great Dane, and for those unfamiliar with Great Dane breeds, they are very large dogs that originated in Germany and descends from the hunting dogs of the middle ages. They were bred to hunt deer and wild boar and are also known to serve as guardians of European nobility.

When I say large, I'm talking about very large. They've been called the  "Apollo of dogs" because of how big and powerful they are. They stand tall with the average height being 28 to 32 inches tall from floor to shoulder, close to another foot from shoulder to the top of the head, and weigh anywhere from 110 to 175 pounds. A mighty large dog indeed.

Guinness World Record

Of course you know there's a Guinness World Record for largest living dog and the last three record holders have all been Great Danes, naturally. Now we have a new record holder, and this time it belongs to a beautiful Great Dane that resides right here in Texas just north of Arlington.

Zeus is a Big Ol' Good Boy

At 3 feet and 5.18 inches tall, Zeus's water bowl, if you will, is the kitchen sink and according to his mom, Brittany Davis, the biggest problem is keeping Zeus away from the food left on the counters in the kitchen. He's THAT big.

So is Zeus the biggest living dog ever? No, but close. According to Guinness World Records, a different Zeus holds that record at 44 inches tall before dying in September 2014 at the age of five.

I fully expect Texas to change their welcome signs to, "Welcome to Texas, Home of The Guinness World Record holder for Largest Living Dog, Zeus!".

Everything is bigger in Texas!

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