Not since Donald Trump has someone in the public eye been so loved and so despised all at once.

Buzzy Cohen is the current seven-day Jeopardy! champion who's making waves more for his witty on-air persona than he is for his wealth of knowledge (see above). His Saturday Night Live-inspired guesses in the final round have especially caught people's attention.

The bespectacled Buzzy is the perfect word to describe what he has become, as the internet has been chatting about him, with one camp loving his style and one camp annoyed over what they find to be his arrogance and smugness.

He's so divisive, in fact, that there's even a Twitter account dedicated to him, while other people on the microblogging site continue to honor him with tributes and slam him in ways that make you remember trolling may be the real reason the internet was invented.

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