Three inmates at the Cape May County Correctional Center in New Jersey wanted their drugs so badly, they used a children's coloring book to sneak them into their prison cells. We hate to give criminals so much credit, but the whole process was undeniably ingenious.

With the help of two civilians, the inmates painted numerous coloring books with what looked to be water color, but was actually a liquid version of a drug called Suboxone. They would have gotten away with it, but in February officers at the correction center were tipped off and began testing the books for drug substances.

All three of the incarcerated inmates have been charged with conspiracy and attempt to commit a crime. Civilian Debbie Longo was charged with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance with a set bail of $25,000. An arrest warrant is issued for the other civilian, Katelyn Mosebach, for the same charge.

Suboxone is a narcotic medication available in pill or film form that's used for the treatment of opioid dependence. When taken incorrectly, it can cause severe breathing problems or even death, explained Sheriff Gary Schaffer.

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