If you enjoy checking out creepy stuff and places then get ready to pack your bags. There is a spooky trip that you and some of your friends and family would get a kick out of.

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If you were a huge fan like myself of the horror flick Texas Chainsaw Massacre then you will want to keep reading. Now fans of the scary movie can experience one hell of a spooky time and feel as if they were in the movie yourself.

Besides the location itself, the surroundings at The Gas Station will definitely give off Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes. I am certain there are tons of people in El Paso who would be down any day to visit a spot that was featured in a famous movie.

Should you be down to make a trip to the scariest place then no need in leaving the Lone Star State. The Gas Station is actually located in Bastrop, Texas which is about 600 miles away from El Paso.

ADTRBreakdown's shared his YouTube video (above) with the public after scoping out the famous spot above. The Gas Station isn't open on Mondays but is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. Uncanny Valley's YouTube video below also gives you a quick little tour of the area you remember seeing in the horror flick.

So you can make reservations to stay at the cabins they have available for you at the campsite. Plus, besides the unique stay, you can also grub out on the BBQ and no the BBQ isn't from humans.

You can get an idea of what to expect by scoping out KVUE's YouTube video above. But if you're down for a spooky adventure then you now know where to go for thrills and chills.

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