How humongous was it?  The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports more than 150 law officers from half a dozen local, state and federal agencies using armored vehicles and helicopters raided a house in Henderson and arrested 11 members of the infamous Crips drug gangs.


The arrests come after an 18 month investigation that resulted in drug and firearms indictments against members of the two gangs. Officers also confiscated a small amount of drugs and several weapons.

Now it's always good when the law moves in and takes drug dealers off the streets, and we're grateful for what they do.  But we have to wonder why it took more than 150 officers from six agencies -- using armored vehicles and helicopters -- to arrest 11 people in a small town like Henderson.

That's 15 officers for every suspect arrested. It's a bit like sending the 82nd Airborne to break up a loud fraternity party. With all due respect to the officers involved, and we're not ungrateful, but the word "overkill" comes to mind.