A certain state park you have enjoyed visiting in the past is set to open after being closed for what seems like forever. Galveston State Park is excited to welcome back visitors after forbidding visitors during what seemed like a forever-lasting pandemic.

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There are quite a lot of people who enjoy escaping El Paso to visit Galveston State Park in the summer. If you have camped out there before then you know exactly how beautiful it looks around sunset time.

For example, just refer to Texas Family Camping's YouTube video just above. About 1:07 in the video it shows you a perfect example of the magnificent sunset view I was telling you about.

If you have been living under a rock and didn't know about Galveston State Park ever being closed, then good for you. Because that just means you skipped out on the longest wait of your life for it to re-open.

Now the longest waiting you will have to do is just a few more days from here on out. Galveston State Park is set to open on June 27 that will feature some new accommodations for outdoor adventurers according to Texas Highways.

That was the main reason why they had closed in 2019 which was to work on some renovations. So now you can put Galveston State Park back on your places to visit list during the summer. So get your family and friends ready for a road trip to Galveston State Park for some fun in the sun in a different area code.

So if you have been waiting years to go back you can finally make reservations and plan a trip soon.

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