From the time I was born, until I moved into an apartment at college I had dogs. We had big dogs, little dogs, and all different breeds of dogs. Everything from golden retrievers - that was my favorite, by the way - to poodles.

We loved all our dogs. However, we were not the kind of people that dressed up the dogs, and got them their own shoes and shades and things of that nature. If you're one of these people, don't take offense to this. We just weren't the people to go all out for our dogs. Not that we loved them any less, we just didn't spend the money to dress them up and give them those designer treats and things.

If you're one of the people that DOES get your pets all the little trinkets and things, you might want to check out Fredricksburg. While on vacation last week, we came across Dogologie. It was unlike any store I had ever seen.

Dog 3

I had been to pet stores before, and I tend to frequent Petsmart. But, Dogologie was on a whole different level.

There were leashes of every shape and size, costumes of just about any figure you could imagine, jerseys specifically made for your dog, gluten-free dog treats, toys. Y'all, there was even a selection of alcohol-free beer. For. Your. DOG.

This store was like Walmart just for dogs. Don't believe me? Check out a couple of other pics:

Dog 1
Dog 2

So now, my question is: Does East Texas need one - or more - of these? Or should they stick with the one location in Hill Country? Let us know in the comments below!

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