Spring Break travelers from Texas have an advantage being so close to Mexico -- it's not far away.

Mexico is the most popular destination to hit for a student vacation, but it doesn't come without a little risk.  Will there be a travel warning this year?

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety has issued a travel warning to students for the past few years because of violence in Mexico, but Cancun is still one of the most popular spots to visit.  And so far this year there's no travel warning.

KHOU says the region that includes Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Tulum is Mexico's top tourist destination, and it's all in the clear so far in terms of warnings.  If a warning was in place, would you go anyway, or would you head to Padre instead?

Acapulco seems to be the place that no one is going to for spring break, because of worries over violence.  Otherwise, it seems to be full speed ahead toward Cancun. We'll watch for the pics on Facebook.

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