We are now *officially* more than halfway through January 2019. The first week, everyone that makes New Year's Resolutions is still going strong with them. After that, it tends to become hit or miss.

So, now the question is, who is still dominating their resolutions?

Maybe you made a resolution to work out everyday. You know, hit the weights a bit, followed by some time running? Maybe it wasn't even everyday. Maybe you just made a resolution to work out consistently, like on a weekly basis. Are you still going strong?

Or, maybe you made a resolution to eat better. Perhaps you were the people that said that you were going to say no to as much fast food, and to cook healthier alternatives at home. How is the healthier eating going?

Or, maybe you have a different resolution. Maybe you resolved to get along better with your co-workers, or something similar to this?

So, there you have a few options. Did you fall into any of these categories, and are you still sticking strong to it? Or, have you fallen off the wagon and given up? Let us know in the comments below!

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