If your grocery bill is at least a hundred bucks every time you go to the store, soon you might be able to a whole lot more stuff with it.  Two big grocery retailers in East Texas are slashing prices and that means good things for our tortilla chip and granola addictions.

Walmart is the biggest grocery seller in the US, and Target wants a bigger piece of the pie.  TIME Magazine says Target has been struggling to become the go-to grocery spot that it wants to be, and as part of its strategy to sell more peanut butter, Target is planning to cut prices aggressively to compete with Walmart.

Meanwhile, Walmart is cutting prices to compete with national up-and-comers like ALDI, which is owned by Trader Joe's.  We get the feeling that this awesome vicious cycle of slashing prices will benefit our addictions to coffee, creamer, and Skippy Bites.  We'll be able to afford a whole lot more of all of it.  Reuters says a gallon of milk is going for $1 at some stores, but I haven't seen it yet.  Paper towels, bananas, milk, chicken breasts are all supposed to be trending down.

With Walmart and Target aiming to get us into the stores with the lowest grocery prices in town, other East Texas grocery stores could follow suit.  And that's good news for our brisket and burger backyard barbecues this spring and summer.

Think they'll lower the cost of beer too?

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