The 2nd Annual ArtFest is in downtown Nacogdoches this Saturday, September 18th, 2021 from 11am - 4pm. The event is brought you by the Nacogdoches Arts Collaborative.

There will be arts and craft vendors set up all over downtown. Bring the kids; there will be tons of activities for them to get involved in.

Live music is something we can all look forward to at ArtFest.  There will be musicians and performers of all types at the event.

Though you missed the deadline for vendors and artists, you can go and support the people that are doing their best to bring art and culture to Deep East Texas.

ArtFest 2019

Though we skipped the 2020 Artfest because of Covid, it was not forgotten. The event made quite an impression in its first year.

ArtFest's inaugural year in 2019 was amazing. It's interesting to look back at this video from 2019. It really makes you miss the pre-covid world.

To get a feel for the event here is a video produced as a wrap up by the amazing Lexus Jacobs.

Here are the credits for all of the musicians shown in the video. So much amazing local talent was on display.

Musicians shown at Art Fest: Sydney and Shelbi Americanto (Enrique Munguia and Johnny Mullins) In Much of Madness Dan McMahon

Musicians at Music Fest: Can You Repeat the Question? Semi Finals Vanta Ominox David Gardner Pretty Decent John Lacey


There is always a need for art and music education here in Deep East Texas. The more we are exposed to the arts, the more well-rounded we become.

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The 2019 ArtFest and MusicFest was a great time, and I know the 2021 event will not disappoint. Take a look at the great time everyone had in 2019 in the gallery below.

ArtFest Nacogdoches 2019

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