Sure, California has its benefits. The weather is gorgeous, movie stars abound, and there are plenty of hotties walking up and down the street.

But how can anyone afford to live there? Be glad you live in East Texas, where drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest gas in the country. Believe it! says the average price in Lufkin right now is around $3.60. That’s about $1.00 cheaper than a gallon of gas in California.

Gas prices have topped $5 at some stations in California. Yikes. says there was one station in Long Beach, CA over the weekend that listed its price at $6.65 per gallon. Some quick math says filling up a 20 gallon tank at that price would cost you $133. Would that even be worth driving to work? Perhaps if you’re a movie star.

Some of California’s price climbs are related to power outages and tight supplies along the west coast, and that’s not expected to spread to us here in the south.

It seems strange to say it, but we can be happy about paying $3.62 at the Shell at Champions Drive and US 59. (That was’s price Sunday night, of course that may change today.)

Sure, $2.20 would be great, but things could be worse. Just crank up the tunes and enjoy the ride.