Sometimes it's not always easy to see, but we have it pretty great when it comes to certain things here in Deep East Texas. One thing that we have over people in larger cities is better access to State and Government facilities.

Here in Lufkin getting a driver's license or anything drivers license related is super easy at the Texas Department Of Public Safety office located at 2809 S. John Redditt Drive. People in the know come to our facility to get a driver's license quicker than getting them in Houston or Dallas.

They could drive here, enjoy a burger at Mom's and be back home before they would even get to the front of the line in bigger cities. I have heard of this going on for years, but now the same thing is happening to passports.

It's Quick And Easy To Get A Passport In Lufkin, Texas

I recently had to update my passport and you can do it all at the Lufkin Post Office. They will even take your picture there, which made the appointment even more convenient as not many places do that. They also make sure you fill out all the forms correctly.

While I was there making small talk, they mentioned that people from as far away as Houston were coming here because there were no appointments available in bigger cities.

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You have to make an appointment to get a passport or get one renewed usually, but you can literally do it at so many places. In Lufkin, it's the Main Post Office, and in Nacogdoches it's at the County District Clerks' office.

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