Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of making the visit down to Galveston, Texas to relax and enjoy some time away from work. It was truly a fantastic weekend and I enjoyed my time in the popular Texas tourist town. Although I will say that for anyone visiting Galveston in the near future I would hesitate before making plans to spend time on Pleasure Pier while you're trying to relax.

Before I spend anytime focusing on the one minor disappointment I want to share all about the amazing experiences we had while visiting Galveston. First, the beach was warm and you could walk into the water without having to worry about the undertow like some beaches that can quickly take you out to unsafe waters. The people were all very friendly and most gave tremendous recommendations for delicious restaurants.

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The Food in Galveston, Texas Was Really Good

With it being right an island as you would expect the seafood was phenomenal. We stopped by Shrimp and Stuff which was good but the best seafood was at Guido's. There were lots of other options to eat but both of those places were highly recommended by locals.

What's the Deal With Pleasure Pier in Galveston

My wife and I were excited to be tourists and go to Pleasure Pier, but upon our arrival we found that you cannot walk the pier without purchasing tickets for their rides. There was security and even an on-duty officer telling people to buy tickets if they wanted to see the pier. But then we found that many of the rides were down and have been for months now. So, we couldn't walk the pier without buying tickets for the few rides that were running, we decided to skip the pier all together, which was totally fine we still had a great time. I'm bringing this to your attention just so you know what to expect. The Ferris Wheel and Rollercoaster have been out of service for a while but hopefully they will be back soon.

We decided to play mini golf and would recommend Magic Carpet Mini Golf if you're looking for something to do with the whole family. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and even with Pleasure Pier being a minor disappointment we are both excited about going back to visit Galveston again soon!

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