The Lone Star Flight Museum, a popular tourist attraction in Galveston for 23 years, is all set to move inland to a new and safer home at Houston’s Ellington International Airport.

The Houston City Council is expected to approve a lease agreement with the nonprofit museum today or Wednesday.

If approved, the museum will move its collection of nearly three dozen vintage aircraft — many from World War II — and its Texas Aviation Hall of Fame to Ellington Field in Houston.

Larry Gregory, the museum's executive director, says they are moving it all inland to get away from the dangers of hurricanes.  Gregory says Hurricane Ike caused more than $20 million in damage to the museum's vintage planes and flight memorabilia.

The Aviation Hall of Fame was destroyed.  It featured many “irreplaceable” personal items from inductees, including those from former President George H.W. Bush, former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Texans who flew in the famous Doolittle Raid in the early months of World War II.

“Obviously the damage suffered by Ike was monumental,” Gregory said. “We know something like this will happen again. We just can’t be in that position again.”

via Flight museum to fly north to Ellington.

The Lone Star Flight Museum attracts more than 50 thousand visitors every year, so the City of Galveston did its best to come up with alternatives that would keep the museum on the island.

In the end, everybody agreed that a higher elevation is the only thing that will protect the museum and its collection, and moving inland is the only way to achieve that.