Car guys are going to freak!

These nostalgic cars had been covered in dust sitting in a Texas man's garage since 1972, but they're a hidden treasure worth half a million dollars or more.  Who stumbled across them?

Actually the owner called to ask an auction company about how much the cars might be worth, and the auctioneer discovered the hidden treasure when he went to look in the barn in Cedar Park where the cars had been kept since the 1970s.

The five cars are all pre-WW II, and they're still in mint condition.  Well, the bones of the cars are in great shape anyway.  Three out of five are running and ready for auction.

The one worth the most is a 1932 Cadillac V-12 Convertible that could fetch $500,000 or more at auction. There's also a 1938 Cadillac V-16 Limousine, a 1933 V-12 Cadillac Coupe, a 1908 Reo Roadster and a 1923 Milburn Electric Model 27L, which is one of the first electric cars ever made.

The cars will probably be sold at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on June 12, according to KVUE in Austin.  If you get one, you'll be the coolest guy on the block.