Legacy Hospice is working with some great people to put together a FREE conference to learn a lot about grieving and supporting others who are struggling to cope during the holidays.

The conference is called "Grief: How to Survive the Holidays," will be held at the First United Methodist Church (201 E Hospital St. in Nacogdoches) on Thursday November 10th, starting at 6:00 PM.

Dr. James Buckingham, a bereaved father and Psychiatrist will speak about the "Medical Aspects of Grief" and help determine the differences between grief and depression. His wife, Judy Buckingham will give practical ideas for coping with the holidays.

Reverend Karen Norton, Author of "Mom, God's Got This" will also be a special guest speaker.

A Q&A and refreshments will occur right after the conference at around 7:30 PM for those interested.

Again, it's all free to attend, and for more information, call (903) 809-3015