A young local actor named Eric Manis made this hilarious video that raised the question back in February, but the question still remains. Why are there so many doughnut shops in Lufkin?

Check out Eric's funny video below, as well as our photo gallery of "Donut" shops in our surrounding area. Don't forget to answer our poll at the bottom of the page too!

We really don't actually have a problem with the "donut" shops. It's just a funny observation. We're also fully aware it's spelled "doughnut," but life is too short to add all those extra letters.
Here's a gallery of a handful of doughnut shops around Lufkin. Don't even get us started on the fact that you can also get doughnuts at Walmart and Brookshire Brothers.

Next, we'll have to collect doughnuts from all these places to do a taste test.
Let us know if we forgot any shops. (Why didn't we get a picture of the Donut Palace?) Tell us in the comment section below.

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