Need to raise funds for a worthwhile cause?  There is only one man alive today who can master such a task, especially to a level so outrageously staggering.  This person's name is none other than former President George W. Bush

I know, if a guess was in store, Bill Clinton would have been my first choice, but even the great orator came in a distant second raising $165 million to Bush's $500 million dollars, to build his presidential library.

Yes, every President gets to build one, and it stands reasonable going forward, to believe that the only guy to raise more donations than Bush, will be the "Party Pres" currently occupying the White House.

In addition to the library, the 23 acre facility located on the campus of Southern Methodist University, boasts a museum, where over 40,000 artifacts will be stored.

Dedication ceremonies are April 25, and open to the public beginning May 1.