Cowboys' fans are happy today!  Dallas managed a 36-31 win over the Giants on Sunday Night Football.

The Texans play in the late game of tonight's Monday Night Football double header.  It's Texans and Chargers from San Diego.  Houston will win that one, right?

The experts say if our teams don't win, we eat more junk food the next day.  So if you gain a lot of weight this football season, your team must really be bad!

In a recent online issue of the journal Psychological Science, researchers reported that on the Monday following a team loss, fans ate 10 percent more calories and 16 percent more saturated fat, compared to their typical habits.

Researchers found there were no such Monday fluctuations among people who lived in cities without an NFL team.  Comfort food is real, and it comes in handy when the teams that we have an emotional investment in, lose the game.  We turn to emotional eating instead.

When it comes to sports, one doctor says many fans take their favorite team’s loss as a “personal defeat” and a threat to their self-esteem.  Oh dear.  Keep the wins coming, Cowboys.

On the flipside, fans of the winning team get a morale boost -- and may choose healthier food.

So Cowboys fans are eating lettuce and oranges today?  Good luck with that.  And go Texans tonight!  Don't make us eat Twinkies tomorrow.