If you talked yourself into getting a flu shot in September or October when the vaccines first came out, good for you! Hopefully you're flu-free and feeling good right now.

The Centers for Disease Control says there have been five flu-related deaths so far this flu season in Texas, and we are among the hardest hit states.  Our neighbors in Louisiana have seen an abundance of flu cases too, and the CDC says Alabama and New York have been hit hard with the flu as well.

It's not too late to get a flu shot.  Health officials say it will protect against H1N1 and even other strains of the flu that are circulating.

There has been something going around my house lately and all three of my daughters have suffered from fevers and some other unpleasantness that I won't go into detail about in case you're eating right now.  The point is, germs are out there, and a flu shot would come in handy!

The CDC says we're not even at the height of the sickness yet.  Flu season typically peaks in February.