Sometimes it's easy to forget the amazing attractions that are so close to home. If you live nearby in Texas and haven't been to the Kemah Boardwalk before it's a great day trip.

The Kemah boardwalk was specifically made for your entire family to go have a great time. They have 10 waterfront restaurants, 12 amusement rides, midway games, shopping, and a hotel all on-site.

If you haven't traveled with the family in a while, this close-to-home destination would be a great start. You will be surprised how much this seaside attraction has for the family.

Boo On the Boardwalk

Halloween can't be limited to just one night. The Kemah Boardwalk has a ton of events starting this weekend.

There is Trick Treating for all the little goblins at all the retail stores every weekend. The kids can go through the Little Boo Haunted Fun House.

There are also themed days of the week all month. A few are Freaky Fridays with Halloween Movies like Hocus Pocus. Scary Saturdays with live music and a Halloween Magic Show, and Spooky Sundays with kids' spooky crafts.

Dungeon Of Doom

The boardwalk has its very own haunted house. The Dungeon of Doom will make sure that terror reigns in October.

It all starts with a $10 sneak peek tomorrow, Saturday 9/25/21 from 5 pm - 8 pm. All the showtimes, visitor information, and ticket details are HERE. 

Tickets are normally just $15 or you can get a Dungeon Fast Pass for $20 and skip the line. The Dungeon is located in the breezeway under the Boardwalk Inn. Just listen for the screams, or look for the hearse and you will find it.

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