If you aren't watching your carbs, you most likely have nothing against a good sandwich. Here are a few sandwich ideas inspired by the Pineywoods.

The Louisiana folk just to the East of us have shrimp po' boys, and lobster sandwiches that are worth the river hop from time to time, but what signature sandwiches do we have/need right here in East Texas?

You can't make an East Texas food list without including BBQ or Tex Mex, so you'll definitely see some sandwiches that include those themes, but some of the items below might seem a bit strange. Just go with it.

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    The Fajitawich

    We've all been there. You've brought leftovers from your favorite Tex Mex restaurant, and you didn't think to bring home tortillas. What do you do? You slather that fajita chicken or beef into some bread along with the sauteed onions and bell peppers.

    Bam, you've made a Fajitawich! Chances are, this one actually already does exist as an item you can purchase at a restaurant, but we don't see it enough.

    There's just something about the idea of white bread sopping up all the fajita juices that puts a smile on our faces.

    Alternatively, you can build yourself a Tacowich placing tortilla chips, taco meat, and shredded cheese in between two slices of bread, and you can call yourself an inventor. We're not patenting any of these ideas. Go for it.

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    The Lumberjack Stackwich

    Axe 'Em in half to share with a friend

    Ingredients can vary:

    Basically make yourself a couple of flapjacks (that's a pancake by the way) and use 'em for bread.

    We suggest stuffing it with bacon, maybe pepperjack cheese, some eggs, and top it all off with some syrup.

    As long as you're using pancakes as the bread, we really don't care what's in the middle.

  • Close up on pulled pork sandwich, blackboard in background.
    Close up on pulled pork sandwich, blackboard in background.

    Pineywood Pulled Porkwich

    AKA The Triple P

    You ever notice how pulled pork kind of resembles scattered pine leaves?

    Too much of a stretch huh? Yeah, whatever! We just wanted an excuse to stack three pulled pork sandwiches on top of one another. Who cares if it resembles a pine tree or not?

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    The Road Construction

    Grab some bread and a whole lot of cheese! This sandwich will have you backed up like road construction on hwy 59.

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    Deer Meat Sandwich

    We've all enjoyed a good deer meat sandwich. If you've got good friends with deep freezer, you won't have to wait until deer season to enjoy one of these bad boys.

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    It's Too Damn Hotwich

    Great ... Another joke sandwich

    People post images of the "ice cube" sandwich to show how poor they are.

    Honestly, we wouldn't mind being handed one of these on a hot Texas day.

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    Wait ... what?

    You're in East Texas. Don't over think it.

    Slap a handful of Whataburger coupons in-between some bread, and either eat it, or trade 'em in for something more edible.

    All joking aside, you could totally pick up some pork sausage from H-E-B, along with the Whataburger brand condiments, and build a Whatawich at home.

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    Catfish Sandwich

    Texas toast, pickles, and tartar sauce

    This is already a real sandwich, but why aren't we better known for it? Why is it not more commonplace?

    They already serve catfish with a piece of bread in most places. Why not just serve it up as a sandwich to begin with?

    Not to be confused with the other Catfish Sandwich, that tells you it's made of catfish while online, but when you meet it in real life, it's just some lonely personal pan pizza. Catfished again!

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