Imagine sitting under the shade of a pecan tree on a beautiful day. The same tree that your grandfather planted many years ago.

As you deftly push two pecans together to crack them open, the memories start to flow. This is a special tree; one that deserves to be commended.

Do you live in the Nacogdoches area and have a sentimental tree like this in mind that could win it all? Prizes in five different categories are up for grabs.


1. Largest circumference

Measure your tree at 4 feet 6 inches above ground level to enter it in this category.

2. Largest crown

The queen of all trees must have a large crown. The crown is a fancy way to say all the branches and leaves.

3. Tallest tree

Using people and other objects in your picture might be a good way to show the height of your tree.

4. Best shade tree

The temperature difference between shaded and non-shaded ground can be as high as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. What tree helps you beat the heat?

5. Best overall tree

This is where your story about a tree could win. What about this tree is special, and how do you interact with it? Trees with lots of history can clinch the win here.

How To Enter 

There is a free, community-wide competition celebrating the beauty of trees in Nacogdoches. Do you have a tree in mind that meets the qualifications?

Eligible trees must be located on the SFA campus, properties managed by the Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation, or on your personal, private property.

The NacogdoTREES Competition is unique to SFA. Students, faculty, and members of the local community are all welcome to play.  The entry form here is a great way to get started.

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