There is so much East Texas in this picture of Luke Bryan. This is the new face of country music, and we are more than ready. All the new bread of country stars are reinforcing their roots, and exhibiting the plumage of their forefathers. Luke Bryan, Morgan Wallen just to name a few.

There is something to be said about this business in the front, and party in the back. You can put on a hat, and everyone thinks you have long hair. You aren't sweating like you have long hair. I think this haircut was tuned in East Texas and most likely originated with the indigenous Indians that dot our ancestry.

If you spot a mullet in the wild, it isn't as much of a shock as in years past. Younger guys can pull off this look, because it's ironic. Now if you are over 40, and are still rocking a mullet then it might be contrived as sad. They will assume that you have always had one, and haven't evolved much since 1990.

Don't think they have forgotten sleeveless button downs to accent their excessive arm hair. Cause they haven't. East Texas, you are free to fly that mullet flag high.

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