Everyone, stop doing the rain dance, we've had enough rain. Enough to tip the scales a few times. So much rain that the numbers are almost shocking.

Data from the National Weather Service shows that Tyler has received 9.13" of rain in May and 10.63" in April. These numbers far surpass the normal rainfall data, which is 4.77" in May and 3.17" in April.

Brett Collar | TSM
Brett Collar | TSM

The high monthly totals are due largely because of a couple of good rain storms. April 13, we picked up 2.71” in one day. April 18, 1.82” of rain fell, and on April 24we saw over 3” of rain in just one day.

May also had its fair share of good rain storms. 2.45” of rainfall on May 1 and 1.97” of rainfall was recorded on May 8.

In the 61 day stretch of April and May, 26 days featured rain leading to over 19" of rainfall. This is so much that it exceeds the previous 4 months combined.

The excessive rainfall has led to numerous flood warnings, some of which continue today. Flood warnings continue along the Trinity River, the Neches River, the Sabine River, and the South Sulphur River.

The rainfall has helped out the drought situation. June of last year, much of East Texas was classified as “abnormally dry” by the U.S. Drought Monitor, with some sections under a “moderate drought." But with all the rain we’ve had recently, no part of East Texas is under a drought. The outlook also indicates that we will not be suffering from drought conditions in the coming months.

United States Drought Monitor
The United States Drought Monitor

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