East Texas just can't catch a break. Even with all the rain Hurricane Isaac is dumping on Louisiana and Mississippi, forecasters at the National Weather Service say some parts of East Texas may not get a drop of that rain.



The Lufkin News reports the worst threat for Deep East Texas is the threat of fires and fire damage because so much dry air is settling in over us.

The National Weather Service says the air is already so dry we may not have a cloud in the sky.

As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, the Lufkin temperature was still 90 degrees with just 41 percent humidity and winds at 8 miles per hour.

That's what we here in Texas call "hot and dry," and that's how it still is in some areas, now that what's left of that hurricane moves north through Louisiana and away from east Texas.

We don't want the disastrous floods that are happening just a few hundred miles away, but a little rain would be nice and greatly appreciated here in Forest Country.  So near, yet so far away.  Water water everywhere over there, but only a few drops over here.  Sigh.


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