Beards are everywhere now, and some of you guys have a real knack from growing some doozies!  Now you've got a chance to get paid for it if you can grow the longest one.

Now that April has arrived, the East Texas festival season is kicking into full swing and we're going to keep you updated on as many of them as possible.  The weather isn't scorching hot yet and we're all looking for opportunities to get outside, listen to some live music, drink some festive beverages, and eat some food on a stick.  And you guys can get to work on growing that beard!.

The San Augustine Texas Treasure Heritage Festival is coming up later this month, and in addition to the food and drinks, art displays, and walking tours, they'll provide the perfect starting point for your beard-growing adventure. They're having a beard-growing contest that will carry you through the next year, and it all starts April 21st.

The rules are on the San Augustine Main Street Festival Facebook page, and they tell us that the entry fee for the beard contest is $25.  Just show up to have your picture taken with a clean-shaven face, and then don't shave again for a whole year and let that thing grow.  Attend the festival again next year with your lengthy beard intact, and you can win $200.  The contest could end sooner if the other contestants cave in and shave early.  Then you win by default.

We'll watch for ya!  San Augustine is East of Nacogdoches on Highway 21.  Good luck.

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