A Houston man is on life support after a woman mistakenly shot him in the head while streaming a video on Facebook.

A video showing 26-year-old Devyn Holmes being shot in the head went viral on Facebook and Instagram over the weekend. In the video, Holmes is in a car with an unidetified man and a woman identified as 25-year-old Cassandra Damper. Damper is seen pointing a gun at the camera and then waving it around the car. Holmes grabs her hand, telling her that she's making him nervous. The other man tells Holmes that the gun isn't loaded, just before the gun discharges, hitting Holmes in the head. Holmes slumps to the side, with blood pouring out of his head, and the other two quickly get out of the car.

The shooting was called into 911 after 2 in the morning. Damper told police she didn't believe the gun was loaded. The unidentified man was not charged, but Damper was arrested and charged with tampering evidence after she tried to wipe gunshot residue off of her hands.

According to Click2Houston, the police will be referring the case to a grand jury to determine if any other charges should be brought forth.

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