Changes, Updates, call it what you will, Whataburger "Shakes" things up in the menu department for April. If you are a big fan of this Texas favorite, I would like to be the first to tell you that the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich is Back. This one started back in 2015, and is everything the name implies. See not all change is bad, Whataburger knows what we like.

The "Shake" that they are really talking about is their Salted Caramel Shake. This is a limited time deal, and is most likely going to become your new Whataburger Favorite.

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Townsquare Media

But the one change that really has me stoked is their salads. I like that they have this option on their menu. If you are vegan, vegetarian, and your friends want to go to Whataburger, say lets go!

They changed the lettuce blend on both salads to include romaine, red, and green crisp lettuce, and red butter lettuce. I usually get the Apple Cranberry Salad, but the Garden Salad is great too. I just like that they throw the apples in there. If you aren't opposed to meat, they can add some bite sized grilled chicken or Whatachick'n fillet, diced more thoroughly now for easy eating.

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