There are just some things that come up missing all the time. Keys, bottle openers, wallets, etc. The list seems to be growing all the time.

But there's one item that goes missing all the time, and you can't seem to find it...unless, of course, you go buy a new one. It seems that the only logical conclusion to why they're always missing is that there must be a shortage of them. I'm talking about these:

Wall Plug
via Mark Cunningham

That's right, I'm talking about the USB wall plug to charge phones, Yes, this one is manufactured by Apple, but there seems to be a shortage of others as well. And once you lose it, it seems to be gone forever. It doesn't matter if you misplaced it five minutes ago, you better just go ahead and plan on purchasing another one.

Am I the only one that has come to this conclusion? Surely not. If you know what I'm talking about, leave a comment below. Or, if there is another item that you think may be disappearing at an alarming rate, drop a comment below about it, too!

However, I think I'm going to do the smart thing and invest in about 50 of these right now.

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