Remember the story a few weeks ago about Java Jacks in Nacogdoches expanding into Lufkin? If you need a refresher, just click the link below:

Well, as it turns out, it seems like Nacogdoches and Lufkin are trading stores. According to a Facebook post from Screen Geeks, they are opening up a second location as well. However, instead of a second location in Lufkin, they will be opening up in Nacogdoches! For those of you who are curious, the announcement from Facebook is listed below:

We are excited to be opening a second location to service East Texas. Our expansion into the Nacogdoches market will allow us to better reach SFA students and the communities surrounding the town that currently have to commute to us for all their repair needs. In addition we will be offering a much larger interactive lobby with MacBooks, PCs, and iPads for customers to 'try before they buy'" - Matt Davis
I personally think that that was a pretty good trade. Lufkin gets a new coffee shop, and Nac gets a new phone, tablet and laptop repair shop? Sounds good to me! Plus, all of the Lumberjacks will be excited to have a new place to get their tech fixed at, right?

They plan to have the Nacogdoches location up and running by August 5, 2019. It will be located at 2209 North Street. That's right across the street from Maklemore's!

We look forward to having Screen Geeks in multiple locations here in Deep East Texas!

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