The car that you need, is the one car you won't buy. Just think of that, practicality awaits, you refuse. You had 2+ kids, you want to take them on trips with all their gear.  Getting great gas mileage is also a must, since it's 10 cents a gallon more here. But you refuse to be seen in the mom van. Just give in already. You aren't fooling anyone in that off-road vehicle.


Car loaded for college move in
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The one thing I really like about minivan's is the fact that you basically just walk right into them. No jumping, no lululemon crack as you get in. Most of them have back hatches that go up when you wave your foot. I even noticed that they are really ratcheting up the styling, even seeing some hybrid options out there, if you are feeling crunchy granola.

You need a minivan. I saw a sticker that inspired this revelation. It said "I will never drive a minivan" it was on a Honda Odyssey. Don't see it as a failure. See it as getting one up on the rest of the parents. They are going to come back in style again. You will be at the front of the line, with plenty of room for all the awards you will get for being a rational parent, in the back.

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