Lufkin Police Department take theft very seriously. Check out this chase.

The Lufkin Police Department released the dash cam video today of Tuesday's (7/18/17) low speed chase through Lufkin. You can see them on North Timberland drive, as the driver Tony Houston runs red lights at major intersections, and makes wide turns in front in front of  other drivers. In watching the video, almost everyone notices that he used his blinker to run a red light during the chase.

Towards the end you will notice that he doesn't know what walking backwards is. But if you have guns drawn on you, backwards might be a concept that leaves your mind. He seems to have the righty tighty lefty loosey thing down though, as he was able to steal the wheels.

Also to be noted in multiple pictures, you can see the responding officers putting the wheels and tires back on the vehicle they were stolen off of. Now that is public service.

Houston was suspected of stealing tires and wheels in broad daylight from a jeep in the Cafe Del Rio Parking lot. LPD Assistant Chief Thomas was there to have dinner with his wife, and initiated the stop after surprising Houston in the parking lot.

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