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If it seems like things are getting worse in regards to the COVID-19 crisis in our country, you're not wrong.  Currently, infection rates across the U.S. are skyrocketing.  With the busy Thanksgiving holiday coming up, and lots of suspected traveling and intermingling - those numbers are threatening to go even higher.  Of course, this is giving folks anxiety on top of the already stressful holiday.

Now, a warning from Louisiana State Attorney General Jeff Landry says that there are a handful of crooks in the Bayou State that are taking advantage of your worried state.  According to KLFY, a new crop of scammers has risen during the pandemic - and they're ready to use your fear for their profit.

These devious deviants are purporting to be with a reputable health company, offering a spot in a clinical trial that would keep them safe from the coronavirus currently rampaging through our country.  They would also help develop treatments and vaccines to help protect the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem is, this online "invitation" is actually an open door to your most private and personal information.  Once you click the link in the fraudulent email or online message, it actually downloads a virus that could comb your computer for personal information used to steal your identity.  The messages mostly appear as text messages on mobile phones, but warn that the attack could come from any online service (like social media) or e-mail as well.

Officials say that if you are the target of one of these scams, don't click on the link!  The best option is to delete it right away.

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