You might not think anyone is paying much attention to that “Made in the USA” tag found on product packaging all over the country, but new research suggests that you would be dead wrong. In fact, more than ever before, Americans are using the popular label to guide their purchasing decisions.

A study from Perception Research Services International states that not only is the population looking for the Made in the USA label—four out of five shoppers do so—but more than three-quarters of them are buying products based specifically on its existence somewhere on the packaging.

Loyalty to country seems to be the determining factor why consumers are buying American-made merchandise, with the majority of those surveyed stating they would rather make their purchases from U.S. companies as a way to help stimulate the economy. The study found that the majority of Americans have turned their backs on products made in China, with over half of the participants reporting overseas safety and quality concerns as a turn-off. Demographically, the most loyal Made in the USA shoppers appear to be adults age 35 and over.

"Whether it is for quality assurance, to boost the economy, or out of patriotism, buying American-made products is becoming quite fashionable among U.S. shoppers," said Jonathan Asher, executive vice president of Perception Research Services International.

Asher added that American product loyalty is especially deep with regards to food, beverages and medicine.

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