It doesn't matter if you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump -- this clip will give you pause to think.

World War Two veteran Joe Reily recently gave a speech in which he lamented the state of the country:

I'm disappointed in some of the people of our nation that treat people differently because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity or their religion. We're a better country than that!...We're better than that. We're a good country. We embody all the people from different religions and different nationalities and different colors of their skin. Thank God for that."

It's not clear where Reily speaking or to whom he was speaking, but he certainly had a rapt audience.

And, yes, you may not agree with Reily, but you have to admit it's somewhat powerful, if not alarming, to hear a World War Two veteran express his anger about the way he perceives the direction the country is taking.

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