Some say the craft beer industry caters to men, and that the industry should work on attracting a more diverse fan base.  Does it really matter?  We wonder what East Texas craft brewers think.

The Brewers Association said this week that just one quarter of craft beer drinkers are women, and most of them feel frustrated that guys get all the attention from craft brewers when it comes to targeting for taste and texture.  What's the big deal? Anyone can down a craft beer if they want to, and there are plenty of girly beers out there if one is so inclined.

Some successful East Texas craft beer makers include Athens Brewing Company, Pint and Barrel Draft House, and True Vine Brewing Company.  How good are they?  We better give them another taste test to see.  And another.  And another.

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild says there's a big craft beer festival coming up in Austin on September 24th if you want to buzz over there and celebrate the world of craft beer.  You could make it a date weekend, cuz we hear men and women are invited.  Cheers!

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