This will be a fun and festive weekend full of parties, beads, and green beer, and it can only be ruined by one thing.  Dumb pickup lines!  Prepare yourself for these doozies, and don't use 'em if you want to have any chance of moving into someone else's personal space.  

If you've spent time on the dating apps, you might have noticed that people don't really seem to use pickup lines anymore.  Do they?  It seems to me (and I've had more time on the dating apps than I'd like to admit), we just find something interesting about the other person's profile and start talking.  No cheesy, awkward one-liners necessary, for the most part anyway.  Horrible pickup lines are still out there, and we can usually tell if they're copy-and-pasted in as part of a mass message campaign.  Delete. came up with a bunch of St. Patrick's Day Pickup Lines.  See what you think of these five beauties.


-- Don't worry about looking for four-leaf clovers. I'm all you need to get lucky tonight.

-- Is it weird to say that you remind me of Lucky Charms? Because you're magically delicious.

-- Can you say 'Top of the Morning' at night? If not, can I wish you a 'Top of the Morning' tomorrow?

-- We're both wearing green. I think we were destined to meet tonight.

-- I think you're the pot of gold I've been searching for all day.

Barf!  Ha.  What would you be saying right now if it was just some regular night out in May?  Here's an idea.  Don't try to tie in St. Patrick's Day with pickup lines.  It's too weird.  Like we do on the dating apps, just start talking.  In full sentences.  Refraining from the urge to use an acronym or more than one exclamation point.

There was one pot of gold on that pickup line list from EliteDaily.  At least it made me giggle, and it appears to work drunk or sober.  If you're sober and the line comes out of the guy's mouth clean, it's kinda cute.  And if it comes out slurry, well we can serve him up a cup of coffee.

"Irish you'd buy me a drink..."  Kinda sorta clever?

Ok dude.  But let me check your dating app profile first to see if you like to travel, and how tall you are.  Are you on Tinder?

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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