This early contender for hottest toy of Christmas 2017 is not what you would expect.

Every year there is one toy, kids want it, and parents overspend. This year it seems to be happening again.

It's not a tickle me Elmo, or a Furby, or even a Hatchimal.

It seems kids are really getting into ... washing dishes?


This is a Walmart toy brand sink that you can apparently attach a water line to, and let your kids wash fake cups and dishes.

We're not sure if kids actually want this thing or not, but people are buying everyone they can find, and turning around to sell them on eBay for over double the listed price.

Is that how toys become the hot ticket item for each year at Christmas? It's not the kids, but the crazy opportunists that purchase every type of toy in the stores? Just being sold out at Walmart and the online stores makes us want it that much more, right?

We'll keep our eyes open for these kitchen sets, and maybe be able to give some out before Christmas. Let us know if you spot these in the stores, and we can fight back against those folks trying to profit off of the holiday spirit.

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