There's a web fight happening right now over what exactly a kolache is, and more importantly, what it is NOT.  About those meat-filled ones, can you call 'em kolaches? 

There is one Czech-Texan who has posted her plea for all of us to stop referring to those cute, hand-sized, little sausage-filled pastries as kolaches.

She argues on Austin360 that only the fruit or cheese-filled ones have earned the right to be called kolaches, because that's what the talented pastry makers in the Czech Republic originally intended.  In effect, she urges us to go back to the roots for the labels, instead of accepting what these tasty little treats have become.

Katey Psencik says originally, kolaches were filled with sweet fruits like plums and prunes, and points out that the settlers who brought them here in the 1800's never included meat in the pastries.  Oops.  Bakers in the Czech Republic were good at making delicious treats in inexpensive ways, and fruits, farmer's cheese, and sometimes poppy seeds were much cheaper than meat.  Since meat came later, using the blanket kolache term to include rows and rows of dozens of different types of pastries might be a big no-no.  Do you agree?

Take the poll, and get your co-workers to do it too.  They're bringing the kolaches in to work once a week or so, right?  They might as well know what to call 'em!  It's another one of those friendly little Texas arguments that must be settled.

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