Join us in Nacogdoches Saturday, July 14th 2018 for cars, music, food, and fun! It's back again, the most inclusive vehicle show in East Texas. The Second Saturday of every month, till it gets really cold again. Bring out your vehicle. All types of transportation are welcome.

I have been doing KFox 955 Streetcasts at Rex Perry Autoplex in Nacogdoches a couple of times every month. We always bring the music, food. Music is pumping out of the amazing sound system in the K-Fox SUV. Sean Ericson from here at the radio station is serving up amazing hamburgers and sausage from Massingill's Meat Market.

Classics and Cool Stuff, anything on wheels, will be displayed at Rex Perry Autoplex this Saturday November 11th.  3916 NW Stallings Drive, Old Tyler Road Exit in Nacogdoches. Be there to see all the cool rides from 9am -2pm. Plus we will be there from 10-2 to bring the music and food!

This is great for members of local car clubs, classic tractor clubs, Jeep Clubs, Volkswagen Clubs, motorcycle clubs, and really any club that is transportation oriented. It's a come and go kind of show, last time I brought my Camaro, I didn't even wash it. Just pull it out of the garage, we want to peep that!

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