If you are going to celebrate St.Patrick's Day the right way, you might have to venture a little farther away from home. But you don't have to go all the way to Pennsylvania to get your St.Patrick's Day Parties. This year is different because St. Paddy's falls on a Saturday. Getting your usual jollies from wearing tons of green clothing to school, or office, and pinching everyone that forgot to wear green is a no go.

Inside Ireland, the St.Patrick's Day celebrations are a little more subdued than here in the states with our shameless cultural appropriation practices.  In Ireland, pub culture was never really about a drunk fest, really more about music, or storytelling. Just socializing in general is a good way to celebrate, but in Texas we have to do it big. It won't be hard to find a local club or bar that has some green beer, that you could wear your Irish garb to, but what if you want to go hard?

Everyone loves a parade. Every year Houston has a St.Patricks Day Parade. 

This is the 59th annual at 12 noon, this Saturday, it's a pretty big deal, since they have a website. Plus there is a huge pub crawl afterwards. So this must be doing St.Patrick's Day the Texas way.



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