Just over a year ago - February 21, 2017, to be exact - we did a story on what could be "Quite Possibly The Worst Intersection In Lufkin". Without clicking that link, do you remember what it was?

That's right, it's the intersection - closest to the radio station, actually - where Timberland Drive and First Street converge. I mean, look at the map view of this thing:

Mark Cunningham

Is there any real question why we consider this the absolute worst intersection in Lufkin? The only one close to this bad, in my opinion, is the other awful one that can be found in front of H-E-B. It looks something like this:

Mark Cunningham

And those are just the map views of these intersections. If you haven't seen them in person, take my word for it, they're worse with real-life drivers in them.

As you can probably tell, my vote for worst intersection in Lufkin is STILL where Timberland and First meet. Nothing has changed over the past year to make me feel any better about it, and I have to deal with it everyday!

So, what do you think? Did I get it right? Is that truly the worst intersection in Lufkin? Or is there another? Let us know.