A few weeks ago, all the radio DJs got together to try the EscapeNac challenge. Now we're giving away tickets to see if anyone in East Texas can do better than we did.

An escape room is this room where you and your friends get locked in for an hour. You can get out earlier if you can solve the riddles, puzzles, and find all the hidden clues, keys, and lock combinations in a timely manner.

Now East Texans have our very own escape room challenge with EscapeNac. You can choose between 4 exciting themed challenges that are sure to keep you coming back for more. This is perfect for parties or just a group of friends that want to have another good story to look back on.

Okay ... I'm not saying we did a good job. At one point I realized it was futile to keep looking for escape clues and I gave up. Kicks 105's Danny Merrell was laser focused all the way until the last millisecond, and Sean Ericson and Q107's Mark Cunningham kept making jokes and distracting me from my goal to escape.

You can win your very own tickets in our EscapeNac ticket giveaway.