Now that the gas in your car is basically liquid gold and prices are only expected to continue to rise the long-lost art of hypermiling might be back in vogue. When gas prices are headed to $5.50 a gallon you have to start thinking conservation.

If you were one of the lucky ones that kept buying fuel-efficient cars from the last time gas prices spiked out of control in 2004-2008, then you are already ahead of the curve. We might see some of the highest prices for gas ever in Texas very soon.

Hypermiling a car that only gets 15mpg might be a rough place to start, but for most the old racing vernacular "run what ya brung" applies here. To get started saving on gas now, here are some tips on keeping that gas tank full.

You Can Slash Your Fuel Costs No Matter What Car You Drive 

Hypermiling is all about beating the EPA's estimated mpg for your vehicle. There are legal ways to double or even triple those miles per gallon.

There will be no smiles per gallon on these drives. The game of keeping the gas in your tank as long as possible is serious business, but the savings will be just as rewarding. 

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Drive Smoother - Keep those RPM's down and get used to coasting into stop signs. You should also stay below the speed limit.

Air Conditioning OFF - This one is the worst for Texas as it gets so hot here in the summer. I'm sure that's when gas prices will be truly soaring this year as well. A/C uses fuel to cool the car, so leave it off if at all possible.

Use Brakes Sparingly  - If you have momentum going you want to keep it. You are all about the coasting. If you are brake happy just give them a rest and stop tailgating.

Tires - This is one we should all do at least weekly. Check the tire pressure in your vehicle. You get better gas mileage when they are properly inflated.

Lighten Your Vehicle - If you don't use it lose it. Take everything out of your car that you don't need.

If you want more details about raising your fuel economy, check out

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