Remember Heather Donahue?  None of the millions of people who saw her in The Blair Witch Project movie will ever forget her. Donahue has left show business for a new - and in some places - illegal career.  She grows marijuana for a living, legally, and she's doing very well.

Shot for $20,000, The Blair Witch Project went on to gross close to $250 million worldwide, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. It generated massive buzz thanks to the ad campaign's broad hints that the  allegedly “found video footage” shot in 1994 was a record of real events.  Millions of people thought - and still believe - that it was true story.

Donahue soon grew disallusioned with the Hollywood lifestyle, so she moved out and joined a "hippie' commune that grew and sold high grade marijuana.  But she didn't like being the “pot wife” of the commune leader.

So Donahue struck out on her own. She bought a house with some land and started growing her own high grade marijuana. She's gone from "show" business to "grow' business.

Donahue can say - truthfully - that her acting career has "gone to pot", and, apparently, that's all right with her.