It looks like poker doesn't have to be a game for the kitchen table with a bunch of guy friends, and it's more than a garage game on a card table with the garage door up all night long.  In Central Texas anyway.  An Austin business has found a way to let players walk away with winnings, and make it legal.

The owner of Texas Card House told an Austin TV station that he looked at what other groups did right in terms of legal poker nights, and found a sweet spot in the Texas Penal Code to make a business that could offer legal games.

Texas Card House makes its money off of membership fees, and 100 percent of the money that comes in the door each night goes back to the players.  It opened in February, and it's located off Manchaca Road near FM 1626.  (Austinites know that's pronounced "MAN shack."  Wouldn't want those poker players to know your an out-of-towner and think they can easily call your bluff.  Now you have cred.)

Poker players at Texas Card House have to go through a quick interview to become members, and have to become members to play.

Do you think similar card spots will catch on in East Texas?  We shall see.