The Coalition, Inc., which is based in Lufkin, has once again has partnered with the Angelina County Sheriff’s Department, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) and TxDOT to conduct alcohol stings in Angelina County. Under the direct supervision of law enforcement officers, juveniles under the legal age to purchase alcohol are used as decoys to enter businesses that are licensed to sell alcohol and then attempt to purchase alcohol.

"The ultimate goal is to protect the youth of Angelina County from underage drinking, which is proven to increase the risk of impaired driving and other consequences," said Sharon Kruk, Executive Director of The Coalition, Inc. "We are grateful for the local retailers who train their employees on responsible beverage service and correct alcohol sales. It’s up to all of us to work together to protect our youth from the consequences of underage drinking.”

During the last sets of these sting operations, there were 33 businesses that did not sell to minors and 3 businesses that did. Stings were done at some stores twice and designation has been given below to businesses who did not sell to minors during either of the stings:

  • Dollar General Store #9776, 2606 US Highway 69 North;
  • Big’s #3822, 3644 US Highway 69 North (2 visits);
  • Family Dollar Store #8300, 3676 US Highway 69 South (2 visits);
  • Dollar General Store #20058, 7014 US Highway 69 North, Pollok (2 visits);
  • 69 Kountry Store, 10951 US Highway 69 North, Pollok (2 visits);
  • Brookshire Brothers Express #3, 6925 US Highway 69 North, Pollok (2 visits);
  • Hernandez Grocery and Mexican Restaurant, 4602 Highway 103 West;
  • Big’s #3811, 2701 North Raguet Street;
  • Lucky’s, 1707 North John Redditt Drive;
  • Big’s #3819, 103 North John Redditt Drive;
  • West Loop Chevron, 904 South John Redditt Drive;
  • Roma Italian Bistro, 918 South John Redditt Drive;
  • AMC Lufkin 9, 4600 South Medford Drive;
  • Super Mart Store, 702 Southwood Drive;
  • JR Food Mart, 1114 East Denman Avenue;
  • Uday #31, 6480 US Highway 69 South;
  • Homer Mini Mart, 7075 US Highway 69 South;
  • On the Road #102, 2909 East Denman Avenue;
  • Guru Trading, 2215 East Denman Avenue;
  • La Michoacana Meat Market; 416 Atkinson Drive;
  • Gas N Go #1, 401 North Timberland Drive;
  • Diboll Depot, 1605 North Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • Just Stop, 605 North Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • Dollar General Store #1695, 225 North Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • Brookshire Brothers #35, 221 North Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • On the Way, 701 South Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • Neches Pines Golf Course, 900 Lumberjack Drive, Suite A, Diboll;
  • Snappy Food Mart Diboll, 1580 North Temple Drive, Diboll;
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store #622, 2301 1st Street;
  • Sam’s Club, 407 North Brentwood Drive;
  • HEB Food Store #617, 111 North Timberland Drive;
  • Walgreens #05792, 102 North Timberland Drive; and
  • CVS Pharmacy #6846, 1204 East Lufkin Avenue.

2 businesses did sell to minors and administrative action was taken against the individuals who sold the alcohol:

  • Pilot Travel Center, 1920 East Denman Avenue; and
  • On the Road, 4110 South 1st

One business did sell to a minor during the first sting and a second sting was done later in the year. During the second minor alcohol sting, the business did not sell to the minor. The Coalition commends Brookshire Brother Express #113, 15284 N US Highway 69, Pollok for training their employees and following up on the policies regarding the sales of alcohol

The sale of alcohol to a minor is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $4,000, confinement up to a year in jail, or both. For more information on how to help prevent underage drinking, contact The Coalition at 936-634-9308.

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