The Powerball Jackpot has reached historic heights.  As of Friday morning, a record $700 million will be up for grabs with Saturday night's drawing, and that number is expected to rise. 

After taxes, the actual cash value is around $428 million.  You would be in a state of euphoric shock if you won that kind of money.  What's more is that you probably don't have a realistic grasp of just how much money that is.  I'll try to put that payout in perspective with the following example:

First of all, let's assume that by the time the drawing takes place Saturday that the cash value payout will be around $450 that is the value with which we'll work.  With that amount of money you could go to a car dealership and buy a vehicle for $35,000.   The next day, you decide you have become bored with that vehicle, so you head to the dealership again and buy a different vehicle for another $35,000.  The next day, your fickle tastes surface again and you decide to buy another vehicle at the same price.

So, how long could you continue on this daily car buying spree with the aforementioned $450 million?  Try 35 years!

Yup, you could buy a new car or truck every day for nearly 13,000 consecutive days.  Of course, you would have to apportion some of that money for the huge parking lot that you would need to build to park all those vehicles.

I have a few acres at my house, I'd be happy to take some of those cars off your hands.  Good luck with the jackpot.

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Oh would you like to win 10 quick picks for the $700 million?  Saturday morning at 10 we'll be drawing 5 winners that will lay claim to the numbers pictured below.  Any money won with those numbers will be split evenly among those 5 winners.  Who knows...maybe it'll will be the huge jackpot.  Just leave a comment in the comment section below to be in the drawing.

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